finished... The pictures of the training-camp are online.

Hello dear friends of Heros

A long time is gone. We had a lot of work, so there wasn´t enough time do updates. But we want to be better in future :-) Promised!

Eastern 2003 we spent some days in Danmark in our caravan. Of course with Heros, and he demonstrated again that none needs to frighten because of big dogs:-) We had some visitors with fear. But only for 2 hours :-) You can see it on out new pictures.

In April/Mai Heros spents again one week in Nürnberg in a training-camp. Pictures of this seminar are in progress and can be view in some days.

And last but not least the new pictures of our holidays this year in Danmark are online. Enjoy them.:-)


...so, only 6 weeks are gone and here it is... the new update:-))

we've spent our holidays in Dänemark again, so there wasnt enough time do update more often. But we received new victims.:-) our little friends are very pregnant.. take a look....
and finally we have made a new update of our funny size-list.

that all for now

enjoy again


A long time is gone since my last Update. Sorry! But unfortunatly I can´t sit often at my computer so my wife an me decided, that the most numbers of updates will be made by my wife... But first I have to train her to do it:-)

This Update is made by her under my control. Take a look at the new desaster-pictures and also the nice pictures of my wifes last trip to a great Dog-Show in Neumünster ( Germany)

Enjoy it :-)


Hi friends of heros. This time I've updated the foreign-victim-show also known as master of desaster:-) And, please take a look on our new generated list of some sizes of heros and his friends.

bad start for the new year.. we mourn for "the yellow Great Dane Nero". He went over the rainbow-bridge after a short hard illness :-(

but live has to go on.... Heros goes 2 oder 3 times the week to his dogschool. he works very fine, but its take a little time before he can absolve an exanimation. Perhaps he is ready in autumn . New pictures....!

and finally... we've received new victims :-)


In the meantime we received an "not-german" victim... we hope, that it´s not the last one....:-)

And now: we wish all our friends a merry christmas and also a happy new year 2002.


some news: Heros was invited to be a model, to build a new dog-book. That was excited... you can see some pictured of this session in the pictures-cathegorie.

hhm, none of Heros "not-german" visitors seems to have some pictures of funny victims!?.. so once again... please send us your victims. I am sure, that you own some....

so, cu here :-)

the Heros-Team..


So... we just finished our first holidays with Heros:-).... 2 weeks danmark.. Really good wheather and a lot of fun.

Fanö is a very DOG-FRIENDLY isle and the best place to make holidays with a dog there. Look the pictures....


What a great event.... Heros spent one week in Nürnberg in a training-camp .Of course not alone :-)
Later we visited Heros' Breeder to see her new litter. 9 little sisters and brothers... really sweet :-) If we wouldn't have our Heros......

So, enjoy our new pictures.

BTW: we have some great new links.... really funny:-)


HEROS is now one year old:-) Happy Birthday!! Of course he has got some presents:-)

Soon you can see new pictures ......

by the way... Heros becomes uncle :-) His mum will get puppies in April.......Licht des Nordens


Heros Site is growing up.....His Linklist grows up and up.... and the numbers of visitors to Heros' site increased dramaticly! THANKS to all his visitors...

Heros now ist growing up too.... his height reached now app. 85cm... boa, where is the end....

And of course we have some new victims!!:-)


New victims :-)!!... and of course some other pictures too :-).

And please: dont forget to visit Heros Link-Hitlist. There are really nice Sites to view. ( but we need more english Sites!!)

so watch and vote :-)



Now we added an own linklist at Heros site, to give you the possibility to make your animal-site public to others. Please sign in and get notes about your site:-) to the list


I've kicked the forum.It look likes none was interesting in it. But if you like, you can link Heros Site. If you want to do so, please use the following code!

<a href="http://www.dogge.de.vu" target="_blank"><img name="BANNER" src="http://home.arcor.de/dogge-heros/herosbanner.jpg" width=450 height=65 border="0" alt="Unsere Dogge HEROS, Licht des Nordens"></a>

Unsere Dogge HEROS, Licht des Nordens

And now I wish all visitors of heros an wunderful happy new year 2001


Now Heros has a FORUM. If you like, we can discuss any dog-related Themes:-) Try it.

This time you can see 2 new pictureseries. We met again with our Great Dane friends, and spent a day in Buxtehude for train with our dogs in the shopping zone , and spent also a complete weekend in Büsum, a little town at the Northsee. One of our friends lives there and rents holiday-appartements. So, we had enough time to make looooooong walks and dog-training in this town.

Here again a very big THANK YOU to Dagmar, who makes this weekend possible!

And here... the picture of the month :-))))))

By the way... I have changed the Chatroom. Now it is public!! Try it......


You have to wait a long time, but now here they are: NEW Pictures:-)Heros' growing up isnt very striking. Therefore I waited such a long time with the update.. He has reached now app. 80 cm. and is a really strenuous Kid. He is working in our garden like a digger.He kills toys and pinched clothes. But in public: Everyone loves him:-)

We met sometimes with a group of Great Dane friends/owners. You can watch the pictures of some of our meetings.

I've added a Chatroom for you. If you like, you can look out for Friends to chat:-) Availiable in the menu on the left.


We have had a lot of visits. One day, Heros halfsister Giulia visited us, an other day Heros was able to play the whole day with two of his brothers. Hernando and Harlekin . Heros breeder, Mr. and Mrs. Putty, visited us a whole day :-).. Heros has had a lot of fun.:-) Playing a whole day ist great for him:-)

And a new victim........ snow in summer? :-) take a look.......


We've had eventful 2 weeks. We made a lot of short-trips with Heros. He reached a weight and height which is often not agreeable to other dogs.( > 70cm, ca 45Kg) . Often they are very careful when they can see Heros. But after a very short time, there are again no more problems. Heros has always a lot of friends.:-)

And... like some other weeks... we have had some victims:-) Heros is often too overenthusiastic, but also very obedient!

I've planned to link from this sites to a chatroot for Great Dane-Fans. If someone is online he has the chance to meet me or other friends. We will see! If someone has ICQ and wants to add me to his list: my number is: 17874127. ( I assume that you know this service!?) In the moment I am :

My wife has now her own emailadress. If anybody wants to mail her... look at the contacts.


Heros has got some new friends.On sunday 3.9. we made an excursion with some private Great Dane -owners and their dogs!! We trained a little bit and talked very much about Great Danes ( what else:-) )Afterwards we took a little meal and talked about the future about our little group. Later I will tell more!

Of course I've made some pictures of this meeting. You can see it in the weekly part! Thats it! See you soon!


HEROS grows up and up! Today we (better... Heros..) reached a height of 70 cm !! . We can't weight him, because our scale can't weight us together..:-)!

Now we think, that we have trained Heros enough for staying alone in our house. We increased the time of being alone slowly, so that Heros is now able to be alone for nearly 3-4 hours. In this time of "lonelyness" he destroyed nothing ! GOOD DOG-)

Due to a death in our familie I only made a few pictures for this week. It will be more soon...

Heros won his first award :-) !Under http://datapur.de/ he made the first place with his Homepage and won 3 weeks of promotion with his banner on their first side!! "everybody must know HEROS:-)))"

And... once again a victim...... Heros loves it to play shredder...... paper or balls for example...


Because of our holidays, we made again some short trips.All of them were very interesting for Heros. Therefor the pictures of the week are a mix of shorttrip and normal fotos. In the moment Heros weights 38 Kg, and eats 3 times app.300 gr. of dried food. Sometimes he likes an apple.... look at the victims:-)

I've added Heros Page to various searchmachines, clubs, webrings and award-lists eingetragen..I hope thats good for his population. (I hope this word is the correct )I also made a banner for his presentation. It looks like this:

Unsere Dogge HEROS, Licht des Nordens

If you like, you can add a link or heros Banner to your own homepage...:-) Just per drag and drop!

For a short time I' ve added some banners of the institutions which "supports" Heros and his site. Please take a look You can find some interesting Dogsites.
Today we made a short trip to the river ELBE. It was the first contact of Heros with such a lot of water:-) It looks like Heros will go swimming with us sometime! He likes it! Take a look....:-)

Perhaps anyone noticed it::-)... I've saved the Pictures of HEROS site with a better kompression.. So the loading time ist shorter and you can see the pictures nearly twice as much as before:-)

Furthermore I've registered a new Domain for Heros. Now you can visit him also under http://www.dogge.de.vu . I think this is much easier to remember.:-))

New pictures added:-) By this way, I would like to thank all of Heros faithful visitors. Through my Counter-Statistik I know, that Heros has friends all over the world!! If this will go on, one day he'll be a star.. THANKS to all visitors!!

This week, you can see the newest pictures a little bit later as usual:-) It happened hardly anything this week. Heros grows and grows up and continues to eat a lot. His energy is plain inexhaustable.So we have had a new victim!:-)

I've made some changes all over this homepage; furthermore I've added a Link to a german breeder for blue Great Danes


Again an eventful week. Heros now eats fine, and reaches a height of 60cm and weights app. 30 kg. Go on:-)

So, I've added the newest pictures of the week. Again we spent a day to our DDC ( Great Dane Club). We saw again some really, really wonderful and BIG Great Danes. And of course, I' ve added some pictures of those "giants".

Now I am added to the Greast Dane Ring, so you can jump from my start-page to other great Dane Sites. Wish, you have fun:-)

eventful week... Heros lost again some teeth, met a lot of dogs, and had a lot of Fun. But one day he felt a little bit sick He slept the whole day and dont wanted to eat something..... But next day he was already ok.. Out of this overenthusiasm we have now again some new VICTIMS.
I've added the new pictures of the week and additional for you some pictures of our first visit to a near Group of the "DDC" ( german Great Dane Club). We saw there a lot of really nice adult Great Danes and some 6 weeks old puppies. Just like Heros 10 week ago :-)) enjoy it!
Today, Heros lost his first 2 "milkteeth" ( I don't know if thats the real name in english:-) )so, his first teeth! He is growing:-)) more and more and .....
Here in germany we have a real "heatwave"! The temperature reaches >35°C. Heros dont wants to to anything. I could make hundreds of photos of a sleeping dog:-) really interresting isn't it? :-))

I've added some new pictures of the week and a new victim! Now he is 15 weeks old and weights app 23 kg.

Questions to all of Heros' visitors:1. Would you like to have a link of your own homepage on his Link-Page? If yes, please send me an email.2. Do you have any suggests/wishes about this homepage? Please write them to me!


We have had new victims! One at Day... one in the night!! But thank God without big damage, or will say without any costs:-) Look at the Pictures!

Soon I will present new pictures of the actual week!


New problems. Heros climbs up the stairs... but he needed 4 days to learn, how to go down them:-) Thank God, he is not too heavy.... his damn curiosity about the cat :-) His best (strange) friend!


I've added this news-page and the page about HEROS' victims :-) . To be continued..

also added a better view for low resolutions at the pictures

HEROS gets more and more power! Sometimes it's really difficult to watch to him and his activities. He often jumps around like a kangaroo :-)

now he's 14 weeks, and weights already 21 kg...