First I want to excuse my english. Its only the rest of my school-english. I hope, you'll understand, what I want to say:-)

The beginning.............

In this moment, when we're owner of a house with a big garden, we have had this idea again........Why don't looking for a dog? My wife has had this wish, since her schooldays. A lot of diskussions later and reading also a lot of books about a Great Dane, we decided to take a look to a Great Dane. So we visited a breeder. ( in this moment it was already sealed, that we will have a Dog:-) )

But now there were a lot of questions. Which color, male or female, when, and which breeder we would take. It wasn't easy to decide.

Trough the internet we heard of Yvonne Putty a german breeder. On her homepage we could read that she waits for puppies. So we contacted her with email.

friendly visitors:-))

Due to the mutual sympathy and the exchange of a lot of informations Yvonne promised us, that we could have one of their puppies. Some visits later after the birth of the six nice puppies we are allowed to pick up our HEROS. Since 13.05.2000 we enjoy his presence.

On this way we thank Yvonne Putty and her husband for their help and friendship.

On this homepage you can find anything important, funny or only worth seeing about our new inhabitant.


Armin & Susanne Walter ( Germany)